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Those who do not wish to use the services provided by GERRY, may submit their request directly to the Visa Office of the Embassy.

The appointment must be booked through the Call Centre tel . 0900-07860 (through landline) or 9999 (through mobile) providing general information of the person concerned (name, gender, date of birth and passport number), the type of visa requested and the date of departure.

Applicants must appear in person at the counter with the required documentation.

The Visa Office receives on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM it is recommended to secure your appointment well in advance (at least 4 weeks) than the fixed departure date and limited to the days and times listed above.

On the day of delivery of documents applicants are requested to present themselves with 30 minutes prior to the time fixed. In case of impossibility to arrive, it will be necessary to book new appointment.

Each visa application should be strictly complete with all the required documentation for the type of visa requested.

Interested parties can contact the Office by sending an E-mail to the e-mail address

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Visa Forms, Invitation letters and other requirements

• Visa Application form for Schengen visa
• Visa Application form for Long stay visa
• Invitation letter for Tourist Visa
• Invitation letter for Business Visa
• Business Visa Requirements
• Work Visa Requirements
• Tourist Visa Requirements
• Visiting Friends and Family Documents requirement
• Family Reunion General Documets requirement
• Study Visa Check list of Documents
• Financial resources required for admission to Italy
• List of approved insurance companies

Visa fee for the period of  01/04/2015 till  30/06/2015

Short Stay Visa “C” (Schengen visa) up to 90 days                 7,140/- PKR
Short Stay Visa “C” (Schengen visa) between 6-12 years old    4,515/- PKR
Long Stay Visa “D” (National Visa) over 90 days                    14,965/- PKR