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The Office of Studies offers information and advice on enrolment in Italian schools and universities, and issues the necessary statements of equal value for qualifications earned in schools and universities within consular jurisdictions and recognition in Italy of university study and the assignment of scholarships.



Please follow the below listed steps in order to request an appointment to apply for your pre-enrollment / study visa at the Embassy of Italy:

  1. Register on the student portal at the following address:
  2. Once you have registered on the student portal , we will contact you to give you an appointment for the submission of your visa application (and pre-enrollment, declaration of value) directly at the Embassy of Italy.
  3. You will either be interviewed on the same day of the appointment or given a second date for the interview. The interviews will be conducted via a video conference, students are therefore kindly requested to download Zoom and Whatsapp.

If you wish to speak directly with the Embassy for any further clarifications, please contact us Monday through Friday from 9.00am to at the following number: 0308 555 7678


1. Checklist of documents to be submitted for study visa application

2. Checklist for Declaration of Value/pre-enrollment

3. Request form for Declaration of Value

4. Model of ‘Form A’

5. Application form for national visa

6. Application form for Schengen visa