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I would like to thank all Pakistani and Italian representatives which helped this Embassy with their advice and interaction to focus on major problems concerning the consular activities and to identify measures aiming to improve the services to the public. On that regards, I would like to inform about the following.

The construction of a new great Italian Embassy in the Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad is proceeding fast, and additional measures have been recently adopted to accelerate the completion of the works. The new Embassy will have by far wider spaces and an increased number of counters open to the public. The completion of the works is foreseen within the end of current year.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs assigned to the Embassy of Italy in Islamabad three additional high level Officers, which will be on duty within two months. They will provide an effective contribution to the existing staff.

The Embassy will be also reinforced by three additional local staff, whose hiring has already been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A new and more effective system to grant appointments, with improved technology, is foreseen to be fully functional within three months.

Measures have been undertaken to expedite the practices for seasonal workers.

Meantime, priority will be given to urgent, humanitarian and sensitive cases, which may be represented to the Embassy through the newly instituted dedicated line.

The Embassy is glad to entertain a constant and constructive dialogue with all those interested, and this dialogue can be on a regular basis. In the same time, the Embassy will be glad to receive visitors and advice.

The Embassy urges to refrain from paying illegal sums of money to external actors, and to promptly report to the concerned Pakistani Authorities all attempts of fraud.

With my best regards

Andreas Ferrarese

Ambassador of Italy to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan